Thursday, May 29, 2014

Back in America:)

I'm sending this blog post from the Chicago airport. I wrote it while flying over the North Atlantic. We flew out of Dublin at 10:00 this morning while it was (in Kevin's words) "hosing down" outside. So we didn't get to see much on our trip over Ireland but the clouds finally cleared somewhere over Canada and we could see nothing but lakes and trees and snow as far as the eye could see. It was beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and getting back to work since I have gotten many panicked phone calls from people saying their sheep are "dying" from the heat so Ill be back at it as soon as I land. 
Our last day in Ireland was spent at the National Museum of Ireland- Archeology and walking around downtown Dublin. It was a perfect end to a wonderful trip. 
We walked about 3 miles from our hotel to downtown Dublin. After finding our way to the Archeology museum we were able to wander around and see some unbelievable exhibits about Irish history, the bog bodies and hoards, Vikings and see many artifacts from the Irish Middle Ages. It was mind blowing and I kept thinking about friends an family who would have enjoyed seeing this as well. If you get to go to Ireland you have to go to this museum. It's free and full of amazing exhibits in a gorgeous building. Here are some of the exhibits I enjoyed...

Model of the Hill of Tara passage tomb

Bog Mummy, this guy was murdered horribly...

A panel from one of the most ornate pottery found in the bogs, it is one panel depicting a fertility god 

A sample of some of the beautiful items found in bog hordes, bronze ax heads, golden fasteners, bronze bracelet, amber beads.

A giant ornate gold fastener found in a bog horde

Artists would practice carvings on bone and wood before using them in bronze, stone or gold work

Real middle age swords, they didn't look comfortable to hold as the handles were short but I saw skulls that had been damaged in battle and they were deadly

I saw some beautiful bits made in the Bronze Age, found in burials

These Celtic dogs decorated the handle of a bishops staff

Shearing moccasin? Nope! A shoe found in a bog from the Middle Ages!

Hard to see but I saw numerous examples of ancient wool fabrics and weavings...

Decorations on a relic, the craftsmanship and detail blew my mind

A carving from the cover of an ancient book 

Ivory carving commemorating the virgin and presentation if baby Jesus at the temple 

A stone carving of the dragon devil leading the goats to hell

Another etching from a relic...

Here is the restaurant we ate at in the temple district. It was amazing:)

My last Irish lamb meal...the food has been amazing. I've gained about 10 pounds from all the beer, lamb, bacon and butter I've been eating...BLISS :):):)

Airport selfie and still smiling! 

Oh and the most important part of this! I had so many awesome folks repost my blog while I was away, I decided to get several prizes and share the love:) I will be posting the winners names tomorrow! 

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