Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hey it's good to be back home again:)

Lydia, Hedgehog and I have finally returned to Maryland from our round the country winter trip! 2 months, 20 states, 2,330 sheep/goats shorn, so many wonderful memories. And while it is great to be back home with my family I already miss all my new and old friends I got to know out on the road. It is always touching when complete strangers open their homes and lives to Lydia and I. In this day and age it is hard to open up but time and time again I am blown away by the generosity and kindness of people. This job really gives me a glimpse into people's lives and I am constantly overwhelmed with not only the responsibility and trust people have in me but also how quickly people can become some of my dearest friends. I really had such an amazing two months. Starting in Virginia, out to Iowa, down to New Mexico, up to South Dakota, back down to Missouri and the long way back home through Ohio, Michigan and New York. I will be so relieved to finally clean out the van and reorganize. I find it to be a miracle that we had no major spills until today when some smoothie got dumped on the floor. Other then two new tires and a new battery my trust van made the journey pretty much unscathed:) such wonderful memories. To everyone who I have had the pleasure and privilege of seeing already, thank you again and I am already looking forward to seeing you all again. And to my local crew, I am ready to knuckle down and get to work here. I am really thinking this is gonna be a good season. If I have already touched base then I am looking forward to seeing you and if we haven't spoken yet then don't worry. I'll be tracking everyone down soon enough:) Happy Shearing!