Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Musings of thirty

On this the eve of my thirtieth birthday, I am stuck contemplating the end of my twenties and the lessons I've learned through these years. 

1. Your family will never let you down. My family has been there through my simple farmers daughter childhood, my tumultuous and grating teen years, the directionless early twenties and the empowerment and adventure of the last few years. They have been my shoulder to cry on, the roof over my head, free childcare, "come and get me", good food in my belly, "sure you can stay with us anytime" and all the love and smiles that has fueled and guided me over thirty amazing years. I am blessed to have all my Grandparents alive and well. Only one member of my close family is no longer with us and while we will never forget Uncle Ted, his memory is a constant reminder that every day is a blessing and I am honored to have been given 30 years surrounded by these people I am blessed to know and love.

2. My parents were always right...except for the driveway, they were wrong about that. Everything else they have been right about:)

3. I am so glad I had Lydia in my twenties. I can't fathom trying to fit a child into an established career. I am one of the lucky ones who might not have had a kid at the optimum time but I was able to fashion a career and life around my little family and I've never looked back. 

4. I'm glad I found love at this point in my life. I am glad I have found love period. If I had followed the path my brain wanted me to follow earlier in life, I would have never traveled and seen so many great places or met so many lovely people. I waited, and I'm glad. Looking forward to the next thirty years with you Kevin:)

5. People are so giving. Good people are everywhere. Just today I had the guys at the tire shop stay late to get my little trailer up and rolling again. They didn't have to do that. Good people are everywhere. Years ago when Lydia was still pretty small I remember driving in a freak ice storm and the roads got so bad I had to pull over in a random driveway. The folks in the house invited us in, fed us and wouldn't let us leave till the roads were safe. I still remember those folks and the kindness they showed to Lydia and I that day, good people are everywhere. On the road day in and day out, people feed us, house us, and bestow so many gifts on us. I hardly feel worthy most times but I am grateful, and always look to pass it on.

6. I love honest hard work. I worked in the public sector. I hated it. Now that I do what I do I won't look back. I'm grateful for all the folks who keep me working and love me for it.